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Success Stories

Kate + Life Coach

I began working with Peter with a focus to grow my business and yet I ended up transforming myself entirely from the inside out. We naturally worked through every area of my life and Peter gave me a completely new perspective, he helped me to let go of what was holding me back and increase my self esteem. I feel more calm than I’ve ever felt whilst also taking more action than ever before. Peter has helped me to sky rocket my self-confidence, build better relationships and live in accordance to my values. Peter’s knowledge, skills and energy are all invaluable. He has a calm, connected approach to his coaching making you feel seen, heard and understood and I can’t believe how many ‘mind-blown’ moments I’ve had since working with Peter. I can whole heartedly say Peter has changed my life for the better and for anyone looking to do the same,

Peter is the man for the job.  

Matias + Head Hunter

I am incredibly lucky to have found Peter. His insightful coaching paired with his natural ability to form  trusting relationships has been instrumental in helping me with both personal and professional challenges / goals. Since I started my journey with Peter it has been nothing short of profound. Peter has an innate ability to help you navigate the complexities of life and open up new ways of thinking. I have had many moments of realisation during my sessions Peter which has been worth its weight in gold. Having worked with a number of different therapists and life coaches,

I can honestly say, Peter is a rare gem! 

Jake + Entrepreneur 

I have worked with Peter for more or less 4 years. Peter has completely changed my life, and my perspective of it. Through our in depth conversations I have been able to take on board and learn what is well and truly important and how to prioritise myself, and I have been a better person to myself and others because of it. And more importantly than that, the ability to gain clarity. We have delved into areas of my life that used to feel so complex and confusing, but Peter’s way of explaining and understanding, simplifies the issue and I feel able to resolve problems I would have struggled with before. We have put together a plan of where I want to be in 10 years time and the faith, and trust Peter has in me to achieve these goals is all the motivation I need. The support I receive from Peter is phenomenal, his calm way of explaining things provides clarity in my own mind when it comes to decision making. 

I can’t thank Peter enough for getting me where I am to today, and I look forward to the many years ahead.

Rachel + Entrepreneur 

Peter has been such a positive force in my life. From supporting my emotional growth to developing my professional life as an entrepreneur - I have grown and developed in so many ways. I’m so grateful for his guidance, unwavering support, and practical strategies which have empowered me to overcome obstacles and unlock my potential. Really grateful for all your help Peter, thank you!

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